Sofa Stains Removal



Stains are a common form of dirt experienced by many people who own sofas. Stains can result from spills and even debris accidentally deposited on the couch in the form of mud, blood, juice spills, ink spills, wine spills among others. In order to avoid grater damage to the sofas, it is always recommended to remove the stains as early as they occur. When you do the stain removal immediately, lifting them off would be easier than when they have dried out. As a result of this, you can easily prevent damage to the fabric and other parts of the furniture.

Depending on the type of stain, there are specific remedies that should be applied. The following are basic guidelines on how to remove common stains from your sofa;

Wine and beer spills

In case there is a wine spill on your couch, first cover the area with a clean and dry cloth to soak in the liquid. When soaking the wine, do not rub the cloth over it since that could spread the stain to other parts of the sofa. After soaking it, blot the area with a dilute detergent mixed with water. Hydrogen peroxide mixed with a detergent can also work in cleaning wine stains. However, it is advisable that you first test it on a similar fabric since it may sometimes discolor the material. Chlorine can also be an ideal remedy for wine and beer stain removal.

Blood stains

In order to clean blood stains, you should use a solution of water and salt. The most ideal procedure is the wet, blot and wet technique. If after rubbing the solution gently around the affected area, the stains still persist, a solution of dilute hydrogen peroxide can be used.

Mud and food debris

These can be easily spotted on the surfaces of the sofa and should be thoroughly scrubbed using a hard brush. In case the fabric used on your sofa is fluffy, use a gentle brush that cannot damage the material. However, do not rub the stains off when still wet since that could easily spread the dirt to other parts.

In case the stain is caused by baby foods, which usually contain a mixture of various ingredients, you can first try scrapping them off. If the stain is likely to discolor the fabric, you should try running water over the affected area to see if it can wash them away. In case it still persists, a washing detergent can be used but be careful not to spread the stain to the other areas.

Ink stains

For ink spills, try applying a solvent like nail polish remover to the affected area then wash gently. Sometimes, even hairspray can be effective in removing ink stains.


Candles are common lighting materials that can also easily stain your couch. In order to remove the wax, you should first wait till it dries up then scrape off the remains gently without damaging the fabric or wood on the furniture. In case the wax was deposited on the fabric, try to place it between wet cloths and use an iron over it. If it is on a wooden surface, scrapping off the wax can easily clear them.


Chocolate usually sticks on fabrics and even wooden surfaces of sofas. The first step should be scrapping off the remains carefully without spreading to other areas. Chocolate is greasy and requires a dishwashing solution mixed with water to clean. Using a cloth dipped in the solution, try to soak the excess chocolate from the surface. The stain may not be eliminated in the first instance so do it a couple of times until the stain is cleared. In case this fails, you can also try a dry cleaning solvent.

Feces and diarrhea

To those who have babies, feces and diarrhea are among the commonly experienced stains. Try to scrape them off from the fabric without affecting other parts of the couch. The substances should be properly disposed into the toilet to avoid health risks. If the affected areas are removable, it is advisable to take them off and pop into the washing machine. The fabric should also be disinfected with laundry detergent.

Although the procedures may seem simple and easy, effective sofa stain removal requires proper knowledge about various kinds of stains, the best stain removal products and methods. At Sofa Cleaning Singapore, we offer professional sofa cleaning services that you can rely on for the ultimate solutions. Call us today.