About Us

Sofa Cleaning Singapore is the ultimate sofa and upholstery cleaning company that you can always trust to deliver a perfect solution at your convenience. We understand the best methods and products to use for safe and effective cleaning of all kinds of upholstery and sofas. Having been in the sofas and upholstery cleaning for a long time, we have mastered the art of professionalism and reliability in service delivery. With our sofa cleaning services, you can easily keep the furniture looking good and also preserve their lifespan.

Cleaning sofa sets and upholstery may sometimes seem quite simple and easy to most people. But, in reality, the process can be very humiliating if you do not know the best cleaning methods and cleaning products. In fact, you can spend quite a lot of time and even end up creating more trouble. Instead of taking all these risks, we can always handle all your sofa and upholstery cleaning needs with a guarantee of the best solutions.

Why Sofa Cleaning Singapore is the Best

Although there are various sofa and upholstery cleaning activities that you may do on your own, choosing Sofa Cleaning Singapore can make a great difference towards preserving the value of your furniture. Our company is fully licensed and approved to deliver sofa cleaning services across Singapore. And, this is one reason we always strive to meet the needs of every client in a unique way.

The following are more reasons why our sofa cleaning services can guarantee the ultimate solutions;

  • Professional sofa cleaning services. We have a team of trained upholstery cleaners who know the most ideal methods and products to use in every piece of furniture. Depending on the type of furniture, fabric used in the upholstery among other features, we will choose the best cleaning techniques to apply. Besides, we also use various kinds of eco-friendly and safe cleaning products that can effectively fight dirt and stains while also preserving the life of your furniture. Our cleaning services cater for;

Our cleaning personnel can deliver the best vacuuming, dry cleaning, steam cleaning and also incorporate other technologies to keep the furniture clean and appealing in every way. Our sofa cleaning services can effectively remove stubborn stains, eliminate odors and bad smell, kill germs and pathogens as well as remove dirt from your furniture.

  • Reliable and convenient services. Most people often ignore regular cleaning of sofas mainly because the fabrics may take a longer time to dry, which is indeed very inconveniencing. However, you can now easily overcome such fears by hiring our services. We have all the products and equipment to use in cleaning sofas made from various kinds of fabric within the shortest time. In fact, there is no drying time needed since we also have the right drying equipment to make sure that you can always use the sofa just a few minutes after cleaning.

Whether you only have one sofa or several sets that need cleaning, our team can always make sure that the job is done perfectly within your timeline. We have enough resources to successfully handle both small and large cleaning projects. Our cleaners can work on all the sofas that you need cleaned up within your premises and also at any time that you choose.

  • Affordable sofa cleaning solutions. In most occasions, the only thing hindering many people from proper maintenance of their sofas and upholstery is the perception that hiring cleaning services is expensive. However, you no longer have to worry about costs when you are guaranteed professionalism, reliability and affordability. At Sofa Cleaning Singapore, we offer the most affordable rates for sofa cleaning that can easily fit into your budget. For large cleaning projects in places like commercial establishments, the cost is even much lower since we also offer attractive and pocket friendly discounts.

Sofa Cleaning Singapore

Sofa Cleaning Singapore is a leading cleaning service providers that you can count on to conduct professional and regular cleaning of all your furniture. Based on your schedule, condition of the sofa and budget, we can plan and deliver cleaning service for your residence or office with a guarantee of the best results. Instead of stressing yourself with activities like sofa and upholstery cleaning, talk to us and sit back as our professionals handle the job to your satisfaction. Contact us today!