Leather and Suede Sofa Cleaning



Leather and suede sofas are stylish and elegant sets of furniture that can effortlessly bring out the best sense of comfort in both indoor and outdoor environments. Leather is a material that is known to portray class while suede is by itself a unique mark of timeless beauty. However, sofas made from these materials are usually very delicate and need proper care in order to preserve their beauty and qualities. We can offer you the best leather and suede sofa cleaning services to keep the furniture looking good and smelling fresh all day and night.

At Sofa Cleaning Singapore, we have the expertise, experience and resources to meet all the cleaning needs for your leather and suede sofas at home and also in the office. We do not stick by common cleaning procedures but integrate sophisticated techniques and products to make sure that you always get the best results. With our cleaning services, you can easily schedule regular cleaning for your furniture to maintain them in great condition.

Unlike leather or suede shoes, cleaning sofas require skills and some knowledge about the procedures and items to use. As a result of this, it can cost you quite a lot of time to conduct proper cleaning of even just one sofa. By leaving the job to our professionals, you can take some time off to rest well-assured of outstanding results.

Qualities of Leather and Suede

One of the reasons many people may not keep leather and suede sofas for a long time is because of inadequate understanding of the fabrics. Little knowledge about the materials could sometimes be the only barrier hindering you from owning leather and suede sofas. Read on to find out more about the fabrics and why we have the ultimate sofa cleaning solutions.

Obtained from various animals’ skins, leather is quite flexible and can last long if given the best protection and care. Leather used in sofas can be acquired from cow, deer, goat, sheep, ostriches, alligators’ skins among others. For the material to be fit for use in furniture, it is taken through several tanning stages.

Suede is created from leather but has a smooth velvet-like finish. It is mainly obtained from the underside of animal skins which tend to be finer. However, suede can also be designed into a brushed finish. Just like leather, suede can also undergo various stages of design based on how it will be used on the furniture.

Just like other furniture, leather and suede sofas accumulate dust, dirt and even germs over a period of time. These could have significant impacts on the aesthetic value and lifespan of your furniture if they are not regularly cleaned. In fact, even small stains can ruin your couch if it is not cleaned immediately, using the right method and products.

Why Choose our Leather and Suede Sofa Cleaning Services

Sofa Cleaning Singapore is a licensed company that you can always trust to deliver professional, reliable and affordable cleaning services for your leather and suede sofas. Our cleaning experts are well trained with experience in handling leather and suede furniture. This has enabled us to always provide the best sofa cleaning solutions to all clients.

As soon as you talk to us for sofa cleaning, we will visit your premises for an inspection of the furniture. Our cleaners are fully equipped with all the requirements for leather and suede sofa cleaning to immediately begin the work after inspection. Depending on the material and condition of the sofa, we will choose the most effective and efficient cleaning procedures and cleaning products.

We are conversant with various kinds of sofa cleaning techniques including, steam cleaning, dry cleaning, vacuuming as well brushing. Based on the experience of our cleaners, you can be sure that your sofa will be cleaned using the right products. There are several safe cleaning products that we can use on your sofa including, solvents, sprays, shampoo among others. This is mainly because leather and suede usually come in different designs that require unique cleaning methods and products.

After cleaning your sofa, we will also dry it properly on the spot for convenience. But, our services do not just end there; our professionals can also advice you on proper maintenance of leather and suede sofas. Simply talk to us for the ultimate solutions to leather and sofa cleaning in Singapore.