Sofa Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

sofa cleaning tips

Sofas are great furniture pieces for the home, office and even large business establishments like hotels, restaurants among others. They do not only play an integral part in offering seating space but can also go a long way in enhancing the décor of your room. In fact, sofas can be used both indoors and outdoors. Just like other kinds of furniture, sofas accumulate dirt and other agents of wear and tear after a period of time. Therefore, it is always advisable to know a few sofa maintenance and cleaning tips to apply in preserving the appeal and lifespan of the furniture.

The following are useful sofa maintenance and cleaning tips that you take note of;

Preventive measures

Preventive measures basically refers to some of the regular activities that you should perform in order to keep your sofas in a good state.

  • It is recommended that your sofas are vacuumed at least once a week to prevent the accumulation of dust and debris. When vacuuming, be keen to check and clean areas around the corners.
  • If your sofas have cushions, they should also be dusted off by beating them on a surface or using your hands. This will also help to avoid dust from settling in the cushions.
  • When replacing cushions, try to flip them around and straighten creases to avoid uneven tear and wear.
  • If you can, it is advisable to avoid eating on the sofas and also keep pets from the couch. This can go a long way in preventing stains, animal hair and other elements of dirt.

Sofa cleaning tips

There are various kinds of dirt that sofas can attract from the environment where they are used. Thus, it should be noted that there is no specific technique or method for sofa cleaning. The method to be applied is usually based on quite a number of factors including, the design of the furniture, fabric, kind of dirt and extent of damage.

If your sofa has removable covers, the cleaning can be much simpler since you only need to put them through the washing machine. Besides, you can also use a dry cleaner to groom the covers. However, it should be noted that dry cleaning is only recommended when the covers are not very dirty or badly stained. Machine or hand wash is the most effective when you need proper cleaning.

Cleaning products for sofa upholstery

The choice of the cleaning product that you use on the couch can have great impacts on the results of the process. Do not just use any product simply because someone suggested it but first check for cleaning instructions on your furniture. In case you are not sure of the right product, kindly talk to a professional cleaner for help to avoid causing unnecessary damage to your sofa.

Some of the recommended products for sofa upholstery that you can try out include;

  • Mild laundry detergent and mild water
  • White vinegar mainly ideal for removing surface stains.
  • Wet wipes

Cleaning leather sofas

Unlike other materials, leather is quite sensitive to most cleaning products and can be easily damaged in the process. In case you own a leather sofa, try to avoid using water in cleaning it since that can easily stain the material. A steam cleaner would be more appropriate for a leather couch. However, it is important that you also know how to use the steam cleaner to avoid damage to the fabric. For proper cleaning of leather, use detergents and soaps that are made with oils and waxes. These can clean as well as help in moisturizing the material.

Everyday sofa cleaning and maintenance tips

Similar to making your bed each morning when you wake up, sofas also require regular grooming to keep looking good and comfortable. The following regular cleaning tips can help keep your sofa in proper condition.

  • Clean stains as soon as they are spotted on the surfaces to avoid a build-up of dirt
  • If the furniture has removable parts, detach and dust them off. If water or any solvent is used during cleaning, make sure they are properly dried before fixing to protect the timber.

Due to your tight schedule, finding time to carryout regular sofa cleaning and maintenance can sometimes be challenging. Instead of keeping dirty furniture in your home or office, simply talk to us at Sofa Cleaning Singapore for professional, reliable and affordable sofa cleaning services.