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Its true sofas get dirty after sometime and require regular cleaning. Dry cleaning is one of the best techniques used in grooming sofas and other furniture. Most prefer dry cleaning because it is quite convenient and time saving unlike other cleaning methods. However, it should be noted that unless the process is conducted by professionals, the results could be quite disappointing. At Sofa Cleaning Singapore, we can offer you the best dry cleaning services for all kinds of sofas in your home or business premises.

We have trained cleaners with experience in sofa cleaning to always deliver professional services. Having been in the sofa cleaning industry for many years, we know the most effective and safe sofa cleaning products that can preserve the appeal of your sofas for a longer period of time. This will not only save you time but also maintain your furniture in the best condition for an extended period of time.

How We Dry Clean Sofas

Over time, sofas attract dirt and even pathogens that are accumulated in the upholstery and fabrics. These may not only threaten the hygiene of your sofas but also the environment and those who use the furniture. In fact, the couch may also soon start wearing out. We understand that regular sofa cleaning is a demanding task to most people and we are here to assist you with the ultimate solutions.

Sofas, just like other pieces of furniture are designed using various kinds of materials and fabrics. In order to effectively dry clean a sofa, one must know the particular fabrics used on the sofa. The reason for this is because; different kinds of fabrics and materials require distinct cleaning techniques and products. But, you do not have to bother about all that since we have the right sofa cleaning tools and products for all kinds of fabrics and materials.

Before we begin dry cleaning sofas, we first conduct an inspection on the furniture so as to know the particular fabrics and other elements used in the design. It is also through the design that we are able to choose the most effective dry cleaning procedure and products to use on your furniture. Our cleaners are always very keen when cleaning to ensure the safety of your sofas.

We always begin our cleaning procedures by vacuuming sofas to clear all dust particles and loose dirt embedded on the surface, cushions and other parts of the couch. Our cleaners will also get down to properly scrubbing of the sofas using bristle brushes to wipe out debris, fur, or pieces of hair that are usually left on the couch. However, we can also apply other custom dry cleaning techniques that are well suited to your sofa for the best results.

Based on the fabric and design of your sofa, we will choose the most effective and friendly products to use in dry cleaning. We have a wide range of solvents, shampoo, sprays and solutions from leading brands to choose from. After proper pre-conditioning, we will properly clean your sofa with a safe and eco-friendly disinfectant and detergent. With our cleaning products, your sofa will not only be left in proper hygienic condition but also smelling fresh.

Since we use detergents and solvents, our cleaners will also make sure that your sofa is properly dried to avoid inconvenience. There is no drying time with our services, which means you can always resume using the sofas as soon as the cleaning job is done.

Why you should Choose Sofa Cleaning Singapore

Sofa Cleaning Singapore is a licensed company that you can trust to deliver professional, reliable and affordable cleaning services for all your sofas at home and in the office. We have a team of highly trained cleaners who can assist you at your own convenience. As simple as dry cleaning may seem, the task could take up quite a lot of your time and even end up in lots of mistakes. But, you can easily avoid that when you hire our sofa dry cleaning services.

We understand that you may be running on a tight budget and have structured our rates in such a way that you can always get the best for less. Simply get in touch with us for an estimate, well suited to your budget and sofa cleaning needs.