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Upholstery and fabrics are not only used to make sofas more comfortable but also bring out a unique aesthetic value to enhance the décor of your environment. Upholstery can be installed in furniture using different kinds of accessories like cushions, springs, fabrics among others. Just like other furniture pieces, sofa upholstery and fabrics too require regular cleaning in order to maintain their appeal. At Sofa Cleaning Singapore, we can offer you highly professional and reliable sofa upholstery and fabric cleaning services to suit your needs.

We do not align ourselves to the common norms and myths about sofa cleaning but go an extra mile to deliver custom solutions at the convenience of every customer. We understand that sofa upholstery and fabrics can be designed from a wide range of materials including, acetate, nylon, leather among others. As such, we have a comprehensive sofa cleaning services portfolio that can cater for all kinds of sofa upholstery and fabrics.

How we clean Sofa Upholstery and Fabrics

Furniture upholstery and fabrics usually come in a wide range of designs and patterns, which can be clearly seen in their colors, texture and other features. As a result of this, you can find cleaning instructions on the sofas. However, even with the instructions, you will still need to know the right sofa cleaning products to use. Mastering all the cleaning instructions and finding the best products can be very challenging, time consuming and also expensive on your own.

In order to avoid the stress that comes with cleaning sofa upholstery and fabric, simply talk to us. We have the best plans and resources to make sure that all your sofa upholstery are effectively cleaned for an enhanced appeal and longevity. Over time, sofa upholstery and fabrics accumulate dirt. Besides, they can also get stained from water or even juice spills. All these cannot be effectively cleaned using a single procedure or product.

Our cleaners always start their work by conducting a pre-cleaning inspection on the furniture to determine the state of the upholstery, their design and materials used. Remember upholstery and fabrics on sofas do not only accumulate dust and dirt but can also attract pathogens that could be a great risk to your health. In order to effectively eliminate all these risks, we usually inspect to know exactly how the cleaning should be done and also give you an estimate for the entire project.

Through the inspection, we can choose to do the cleaning by vacuuming, dry cleaning, steam cleaning or a combination of the techniques. Our cleaners are always very keen to only use the methods that have been proven effective and can preserve the upholstery and fabrics of your sofa. Besides, we also take all the necessary measures to ensure that no damage is caused to your furniture during the process of cleaning.

Depending on the kind of stain or dirt on your sofa’s upholstery and fabric, we can also choose the best cleaning products to apply. There are various kinds of cleaning products that we use for sofa upholstery and fabrics including, eco-friendly chemicals, shampoo, solvents and sprays. Our sofa cleaning products are sourced from the best brands that are recommended for furniture upholstery. Our cleaners will not only leave your sofas looking spotless but also smelling fresh for greater comfort.

Regardless of the environment or how often your sofas are used, cleaning should always be done on a regular basis. This is the best way to preserve their appeal. But, you do not have to worry because we can also schedule regular sofa upholstery and fabric cleaning to suit your needs. Besides, our experts can also offer you advise on how to keep your sofas clean and in good condition for an extended lifespan.

Benefits of Choosing our Sofa Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning Services

By choosing Sofa Cleaning Singapore to handle the cleaning of your sofa upholstery and fabric, there is always a guarantee of the best results. We have the expertise and experience to deliver;

  • Professional sofa cleaning solutions
  • No drying time for all sofa upholstery and fabrics
  • Quick and reliable services
  • Affordable rates

We understand the inconvenience and risks that come with having dirty furniture in your home or business premises. Instead of suffering in silence, simply talk to us for the best sofa upholstery and fabric sofa cleaning services in Singapore.