Best Sofa & Upholstery Cleaning Service in Singapore

Sofas and upholstery are very important pieces of furniture that we keep at home, in the office as well as commercial premises. In fact, they can be used both indoors and outdoors to provide seating space while also igniting a spark of decoration. In order to keep your sofas, dining furniture, upholstered wall panels among other items looking good and in the right shape, it is always wise to have them cleaned after a short while. Professional cleaning of sofas and upholstery regularly is one of the best ways of enhancing their lifespan.

At Sofa Cleaning Singapore, we guarantee highly professional and convenient sofa and upholstery cleaning for homes and business establishments. Through our services, you can easily make sure that all your upholstered furniture’s are preserved in the best condition. Our cleaning experts have many years’ experience in upholstery and sofa cleaning to always deliver the best solutions that will leave your furniture looking good and smelling fresh.

Our Services

We understand that there are various kinds of upholstery furniture sets that you may have in your home or office. Besides, the items are usually designed using different kinds of fabrics, microfiberpolyester, suede & leather, and among others. Therefore, we have designed a comprehensive portfolio including, different kinds of services to meet the needs of every client. Sometimes, your sofas maybe clean but car seats aren’t, our cleaners can always do a perfect job on them.

The following are some of the cleaning services that we offer;

We have an experience in cleaning upholstery and sofas designed from different kinds of fabrics, and this has enabled us to understand the right option for every piece. In fact, that is why we guarantee the best results in every work that we do.

How We Clean Sofas and Upholstery

Both the sofas and upholstery used indoors and outdoors collect dust, dirt and also develop stains over a period of time. All these can change the color, texture and appearance of the furniture if they are not cleaned on time. Besides, they can also present a hygienic risk to users. As a result of this, it is important to conduct regular cleaning and as soon as any undesirable changes are witnessed.

Although sofa and upholstery cleaning appears to be a DIY project to most people, a professional touch is always required to ensure that the work is done perfect without causing any inconvenience or damage to the furniture. At Sofa Cleaning Singapore, we do not just clean sofas and upholstery but deliver services that will preserve the look of your furniture and also lengthen their lifespan.

Depending on the design and fabric used on your sofa or any other upholstery furniture, we choose the best and most convenient cleaning method to apply. We can recommended vacuuming, dry or steam cleaning to bring back the appeal of your furniture within the shortest time. Besides, there are other cleaning methods that we can still use to keep your upholstery looking great.

In cleaning sofas and upholstery, we always use different kinds of safe sprays, chemicals, solutions and shampoo to drive out dirt and even pathogens accumulated in the fabrics. All our cleaning products are eco-friendly and approved to preserve the beauty and appeal of upholstered furniture sets. Our experts also incorporate various sophisticated cleaning technologies for unmatched convenience in every service delivery.

Why Choose Sofa Cleaning Singapore

At Sofa Cleaning Singapore, we take pride in the quality of services that we always deliver to clients. In fact, our strength lies in the professionalism with which we handle every project. Hiring our cleaning services comes with unique benefits for greater satisfaction including;

  • Safe cleaning products for all kinds of sofas and upholstery
  • Effective cleaning solutions
  • No drying time needed
  • Quick services offered at your own convenience

Our experts can help you fight even very tough stains on sofas and upholstery to maintain the color and texture of your furniture for a longer period of time. Talk to us now for professional, convenient and affordable sofa and upholstery cleaning services in Singapore.