Sofa Cleaning Products

There are various kinds of sofa cleaning products available in the market that can be easily acquired from stores. Although they may seem effective and cheap to most people, the reality is, they can never guarantee the best cleaning solutions. That is why it is always advisable to talk to a professional for help with sofa cleaning. At Sofa Cleaning Singapore, we have many years’ experience in sofa cleaning and this has enabled to understand the most effective cleaning products to use in furniture grooming.

It should be noted that knowing the best products for sofa cleaning is not enough, one must also be acquainted with the right cleaning techniques and how the products should be used. Finding out about all these procedures can be quite time consuming. Besides, you may also not get the right information. But, hiring our sofa cleaning services can easily save you from the stress with a guarantee of the ultimate sofa cleaning solutions.

Our Sofa Cleaning Products

We have a wide range of sofa cleaning products that have been proven effective and safe for all fabrics and materials used in designing furniture. However, we do not just use any product before an inspection of the sofas to be cleaned. The reason for this is, sofas have unique design materials that require different kinds of cleaning products. It is only through the pre-cleaning inspection that we can determine the best product to use on your furniture.

A proper inspection can bring to light, the actual condition of your sofas. Sometimes, the furniture may be dusty or simply have stains. On the other hand, it could also be infested by pathogens like bacteria, especially if you keep pets. Regardless of the condition, we are able to find the most effective cleaning agent for your sofas.

We clean sofas using the following products;

  • Solutions/ Solvents
  • Safe chemicals
  • Shampoo
  • Sprays

Our professionals can always discuss with you the most effective cleaning products from the wide collection that we have. We can also share with you information about how we use the products and the expected results. In this way, you will be able to know exactly what to expect from every cleaning exercise.

The solutions, chemicals and shampoo are mainly used to clear dirt and disinfect sofas while sprays are used on the last bit to give the furniture a twist of freshness. Based on your preferences and environment where the sofas are used, we can always choose a unique spray to give your living room a more enhanced appeal.

Benefits of our Sofa Cleaning Products

We do not just use any cleaning product on furniture but are always very selective to ensure that you only get the best results. In fact, the choice of a cleaning product is always based on the material of your sofa and reasons for the cleaning. For instance, if your sofa has been stained, we will only go for an effective stain remover. The following are some of the unique benefits of the products that we use in sofa cleaning;

  • Environment friendly
  • Tough on stains but safe on furniture fabrics
  • Preserves the color and texture of sofa upholstery
  • Made from organic and chemical-free ingredients
  • Effectively fight germs and pathogens

Since sofas can be cleaned through various techniques including, vacuuming, dry cleaning and steam cleaning, we have a wider collection of products for all procedures. As such, there is no time wasted in looking for products for different cleaning procedures. We always source all our sofa cleaning products directly from leading brands with a record of the best cleaning solutions.

We can also go out of our way to find a specific cleaning product that you may need for your sofas. Regardless of the product, we will first discuss with you the impacts and instructions for use. This will help you to know some of the products to avoid when planning to clean your furniture. With our products, you can easily eliminate dirt and germs from your sofas without so many hassles.

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Instead of stressing yourself in search of an ideal sofa cleaning product, simply talk to us for the ultimate solution. At Sofa Cleaning Singapore, we can advise you on and also provide the most effective, safe and affordable sofa cleaning products.